Tennessee High School Football Ratings additional description

This page was created due to all the e-mails I receive that require
an explanaion to my Tennessee High School Football Ratings.

To begin with, if my ratings offend you or make you mad or unhappy, then STOP. STOP looking at my ratings. Life is too short to worry about such trivial things as football computer ratings. There is no justification in getting so upset. Sports is supposed to be just another experience someone can use to add enjoyment to their life. If my ratings aren't doing that then don't visit my site. I make the same amount of money from my web pages if you visit or not, which is zero, nothing, not one penny. You are probably looking for ratings that are more politically correct. My ratings are NOT designed to be politically correct but to give an indication as to if a team were to play EVERY other team listed in the ratings, many many times, how the teams would perform, win or lose and by how many points. See ratings intentions . FOR RATINGS THAT ARE MORE POLITICALLY CORRECT, REFER TO THE POLLS IN THE NEWSPAPER.

However, I appreciate the passion of the Tennessee High School Football fans. Many of the e-mails I receive about my Tennessee High School Football rating concerns why I have their respective team rated too low. I have been asked why I am biased or what do I have against their team. My answer is I have nothing against any team, I play no favorites. The computer algorithm follows the same basic principles for calculating Tennessee High School Football as it does for the other ten sports I have ratings for, since 1974. I DO NOT manually edit or manipulate the ratings. The computer generates the ratings from data. I DO NOT manipulate or modify the data to achieve certain results for certain teams. The ratings integrity will not be compromised because of human opinion, your negative e-mail or any other factors. I have been told "if you would just see my favorite team, they play with more heart." When I am told that, basically I am being asked to interject my personal opinion and emotions into the ratings, and that would diminish the integrity and validity of what my ratings are trying to accomplish.

So why are someone's favorite team rated lower than a fan thinks it should be? There are factors that contribute to that.

* A team's power rating reflects how a team has performed from all the games played, not just one or two, taking into account wins and losses, the opposing teams' power ratings and the actual score difference of the games played. This explains why team A may have a higher power rating than team B, even though team B may have beaten team A or have a better win/lost record. The ratings are compiled by using only statistical and historical data. The most recent games played are more meaningful in compiling the ratings. Only games played against the teams in the ratings are used to formulate the power ratings. A diminishing returns principle is used to prevent higher rated teams from gaining power rating points and moving up in the rankings when the victory margin is being run up against a weaker team.

* Playing any team that is not including in my ratings, which is a team from outside of Tennessee usually, can really hurt the SOS, or strength of schedule. (SOS data is used in the algorithm). Example, Memphis schools many times play teams from MS, AR or some other state. Private schools sometimes play power house teams from KY or AL or elsewhere. Why is that? I can't keep up with every team in every state. A team from another state may have won 15 straight championships, or may have lost every game played for the last 15 years, I don't have a clue. This is a HOBBY NOT A JOB, and I get no compensation for doing this. If I did perhaps I could include more teams from more states. So, as a result, a default value is given to a unknown team for their SOS. It is a value close to the center of the PR of the highest team I have rated and the lowest. Is this a fair way to do it? It is better than zero for an opponent's SOS for a given game but perhaps lower than it should be.

* In the other ten sports I have ratings for, it is not all that difficult to find data on any team's returning starters, or who is no longer on the team, or who may have been added to a team. So, the preseason ratings can be more accurate to the start of a new season. Not so with Tennessee High School Football, that data is not available to me. So for this reason, Tennessee High School Football Ratings may take longer to get teams adjusted to a closer proximity to where they really are. As the season progresses every teams' PR will be adjusted as more data (games played) is accumulated. SO BE PATIENT! By the end of the season the ratings will balance out every team. When the playoffs begin, the ratings have always had the playoff teams at or near the top in their respective division and when the championship games are to be played the teams playing in those games are usually at the very top.

Final note: This page is self-explanatory. I will no longer try to explain in a personal e-mail to someone about their team being rated too low. I will e-mail back to someone the link to this page as a response in the future. I have received too many e-mails from the same people, telling them the same answer, over and over, to the same questions, just to get yet another negative e-mail. Once again if my ratings offend you or make you mad or unhappy, then STOP. STOP looking at my ratings. Find the polls in a newspaper because that is probably the results you are looking for. It is my desire for nobody to be mad, unhappy or sad because they viewed my Tennessee High School Football Ratings.